My home when I am on Isla (lots of photos)

I was thinking the other day about the time a man in my office asked me for the umpteenth time why I go to Isla and what I do when I am there. Then he asked me about the “resort” I stayed at. Ha! I said “I don’t stay at a resort. I stay at a small hotel/apartments” He then asked me if the hotel had room service. My response once I stopped laughing was “the rooms do not even have freaking phones. So I showed him the website for the place I stay.

The courtyard garden area is lovingly maintained by Nivardo, the owner. He is out there every morning and sometimes all day long babying his plants. He uses a broom to shake the dead leaves out of the trees and is constantly watering, fertilizing or repotting the smaller plants. My daughter said it wasn’t fair that Nivardo has so many plants outdoors that she has a hard time keeping alive indoors. Before Tara and Kelly moved to their house Tara at one time had over 100 potted plants in their tiny apartment.

Here are some of the photos of Nivardo’s plants I have taken over many stays at his place.













One of the seven rooms I have stayed in. I was packing to leave that is why there is crap spread out all over the place.





The owners enjoying their usual Saturday night entertainment. I took some better photos of them with their faces showing but I won’t post them here. I did print two of them (5×7) and gave them to Nivardo the next time I saw him. He was delighted! As far as I know they are still hanging on the wall in his office.


4 Responses

  1. As you know, we absolutely loved that “resort”, LOL! Hope to stay there again next fall (and you WILL be there!)

    Your photos of Nibardo’s plants and flowers are great, I love that courtyard.

    Bruce and I get the same questions about resorts, amenities, etc. etc., some people just cannot understand. They are the ones that would never, as we say, “get it”.

  2. Nice photos, Jackie. I think most people get asked those types of questions when they tell people about Isla; I know we do–the main sticking point with some of our friends is the toilet paper issue–they can’t believe it’s not an issue to us!

  3. Seems Nivardo and Miguel have a common love for their plants, their babies. Miguel is constantly poking around the gardens, transplanting and reproducing and planting seeds. He knows every plant (and we have hundreds), whether the plant is happy or sick, if an insect is eating it, etc. I love to garden but don’t dare intrude. So I just enjoy!

  4. Jan,
    Yes next fall I WILL be there for the girls trip!

    Oh, I don’t even tell people about the TP issue unless I know that they have traveled somewhere similar in Mexico.

    Yes, I think Nivardo and Miguel both are pretty patient men to tend to their gardens the way they do. But on the other hand I have seen Nivardo less that patient with people.

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