Dinner tonight at Eleni’s Estiatorio in the Sellwood neighborhood

courtesy of one of the account managers  that I work with who wanted to thank everyone for a great year. I forgot to take my camera and although the camera on my cell phone takes OK photos, inside even with it’s flash they don’t look so great. But trust me the food was all excellent. I like to give credit to good restaurants when ever I can. Small local restaurants are always my choice over a chain restaurant.
There were eight of us and Jordan who sprung for the dinner told the waiter to order his favorite dishes. The waiter only asked if there were any special dietary needs. We had one vegetarian and she had plenty to eat. Jordan choose this restaurant because he vacationed in Greece earlier this year.

A shot of Ouzo and a couple of glasses of wine and call me done.

This is what we ate:

A chilled dip of yogurt, cucumber, mint, garlic, lemon and dill.

A spicy blend of feta cheese, olive oil and red wine,vinegar; spiced with chili flakes and served with tomatoes and mixed olives

Grape leaves stuffed with rice, dill, mint, scallions, pine nuts, and golden raisins; served with tzatziki.

“Giant” beans, roasted peppers, onions and garlic; spiced with red chili and topped with feta cheese

Spinach and Greek cheese baked in filo dough

Melitzanes Papoutzakia
Roasted baby eggplant stuffed with Painted Hills ground beef spiced with cinnamon, cloves and garlic; baked in a tomato feta sauce

Schara Kalamarakia
Marinated and grilled calamari finished with fresh lemon and ground pepper

Painted Hills beef meatballs seasoned with herbs, garlic and onion; served in a tomato

And the night’s specials – Lamb shank and grilled rack of lamb. I have never had lamb that I liked before but these two were fabulous. Especially the grilled rack.

Our Menu
We offer many more appetizers than you would normally find on a menu. On the island of Crete friends will gather at an Estiatorio or Taverna and enjoy long evenings of shared appetizers, wine and conversation… lingering over the freshness. We invite you to embrace this amicable custom while we hand make each dish to order.

Our Ingredients
We believe that great food can only come from great ingredients. Whenever available, we serve fresh organic vegetables. All the meat we serve is raised respectfully without hormones: Oregon Painted Hills beef, Carlton pork, Draper Valley free range chickens and new Zealand lambs. The olive oil we use is a very fine, first pressing from the island of Crete.

To your Health!
A study of diets of the world reported in Scientific American concluded that the diet of Crete, with its emphasis on fresh vegetables, olive oil and small amounts of meat, is the healthiest diet on Earth. Eleni’s is pleased to share this healthful cooking heritage with you.

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