Can you tell my daughter likes snowmen?

The first Christmas that Tara lived by herself with no roommate she slowly bought a few Christmas decorations and ornaments. Over the next few years she kept adding more and more decorations and ornaments. Tara decided that she was going to have a themed Christmas since several things she had bought over those years were snowmen. Whenever I would see snowmen Christmas decorations I would stop and look for something unique that Tara would not buy for herself because it would be out of her price range. Over the years I have bought Tara a couple of nice snowmen snow globes, a couple of music snowman displays, a runner, welcome mat and a hand-blown glass ornament with the snowmen painted inside of it.
I was over at Tara and Kelly’s house today and took a few pictures of some of her snowmen. They were watching a movie and only had the Christmas lights on so it was little dark.





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