SNOW! A rare site in PDX

Yesterday I wrote about my daughter’s snowmen Christmas decorations. Today she could go outside and build a snowman. The weather forecast was for snow yesterday but it did not start snowing until about 7:30 AM today. The snow has been coming down pretty steady since then. In just a few hours I have about 1 1/2 inches in my yard.

Portland only gets snow once a year if that. So it is big news for the local news stations. Storm coverage gets pretty ridiculous with reporters standing on the side of the roads and sliding down hills to show how slippery the streets are.





Soon I will be sitting on my favorite beach on Isla Mujeres. I can’t wait!


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  1. Lots of places that don’t usually get snow have been getting some in the last week or so–enjoy it! And keep it away from here! ( But I will say I’d rather have snow than ice!)

  2. Global warming. I’m sure of it. Let’s hope Sergio’s beach is still there when you get here. It is eroding fast due to the walls being put up all along North Beach. The volleyball court is almost all under water right now.

  3. Wayne and Ann,
    You two know what cold and snow is like living where you do or Wayne has. It snowed hard for several more hours. I probably have 3+ inches in my yard. It really is very pretty tonight looking at the snow and my neighbor’s Christmas lights even though it looks somewhat like the Griswold’s house. The really bad thing is that since snow is a rare here people including me are not comfortable driving in it. What usually happens is that when we get snow it freezes over making the streets treacherous. Wednesday the prediction is for 4 times as much rainfall equivalent but most likely coming down as sleet or just more snow. The bridges over the Willamette River become skating rinks. I am glad I have my work laptop at home so I can work here on Monday and avoid the morning commute to downtown Portland.
    Tonight the Clackamas County Fire Department has it’s annual Santa Parade which goes right down my street. I have a garbage bag full of stuffed animals but there is no way I am walking to the street to give them to them. Maybe if I yell loud enough over the sound of their music and siren they will come to my door to get the toys.

    Wouldn’t be the first time Sergio’s beach all but disappeared. It was tiny two weeks before Wilma.

  4. I went to Zama on Sunday with a couple from Portland. This was quite the topic of discussion! They are happy to be here and then with Teresa in Merida, later Playa, missing all the white stuff. Except for the sand on the beach!

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