No tap on the shoulder for me

I found out for sure on Friday that I had not been selected to receive the Management Separation Package which would have given me one year’s salary to leave Qwest. It took me about 10 days to decide to fax in my form with a X in the yes box. About a week later my boss called me to let me know that there had been an overwhelming response of employees saying yes. Considering that the VP org that I work in has some of the most tenured employees in our market unit I was not surprised to hear that a lot of people said yes. The email came out on Friday thanking everyone for responding (we didn’t have a choice) and it stated that those who were selected were notified earlier in the week. Friday the 12th was their last day on the payroll.
This was the first time in 31 years that I actually was in a position where I had an option to say yes to MSP. I doubt another MSP will come up soon. If one should I imagine that the terms will change and not be so generous. Oh, well like Tara said “mother you weren’t even sure you wanted to do it”. But you know what once I decided to say yes I got psyched up about it.
Back to plan B which is to work a few more years then retire.

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  1. If this means you get more $$$ when you do retire, then it is a good thing. Right?

    • Wayne,
      I ran several pension estimates and since I am only 9 months away from being fully vested without any penalty it is a very small difference if I retire now or in three years. I ran an estimate with retirement dates of December 2008 – 2012. The highest monthly annuity would be if I retire December 2009. The calculation uses rolling years of earned income and after next December my highest income year drops off. Of course if the stock market should go up (yes right) my lump sum payment would be better. But I wouldn’t choose that option now. It’s too risky for me.

  2. a short little roller coaster ride eh? it’s sounds like it’s still close by if you want.

  3. I’m so glad I don’t have to figure that sort of stuff out. Been there!

    I just tried to access your weather link and it is the same as the photo gallery link.

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