Photo meme passed on from Isla Gringo – 6th photo in 6th folder

I was just reading Isla Gringo’s Blog where he wrote:

“So the quandary of what to talk about today.Then, miraculously, last night I came across a meme that was intriguing and simple. Open up the 6th picture folder on your computer, post the 6th picture in it and tell the story of it. So….”

So I took Wayne up on the meme/tag and went in to my picture folder.
The 6th photo folder on my computer is a folder of some of my favorite photos that I collected to copy to my digital photo frame that sits on my office desk. Now what is interesting is that the 6th photo is my favorite photo of my daughter taken on her wedding day. Tara looks absolutely beautiful and very happy. With all of the photos I have taken on Isla I would have guessed that the 6th photo in the 6th folder would have been one of those.


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