San Jose del Cabo – Feliz Navidad

Several years ago I spent the week before Christmas in San Jose del Cabo at Worldmark’s Coral Baja Resort. I only took a few photos before my very first digital camera died. San Jose del Cabo is nothing like its sister city Cabo San Lucas. San Jose has a true zocola and small town feel.


This photo is at the “Trailer Park” next door to Coral Baja.


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  1. hi jackie,

    i just discovered your blog through cancun canuck’s. reading about san jose del cabo brought back memories because on our first visit to mexico in dec. 1997 we also stayed at the worldmark. what a beautiful resort. have gone back to mexico many times since and am in love with the country and its people.

    i live in lake stevens, wa. just 4 hours north of portland. i love the snow but am saddened tonight because my son and his girlfriend who go to wsu in pullman were not able to come tonight because of weather conditions. they decided to wait till tomorrow but i have a feeling snoqualmie pass might be closed. we were supposed to have our cuban christmas dinner tomorrow because the kids needed to go back to pullman on tues. now i wonder if they’ll even make it. if not, i just might have to throw a party for my neighbors, i have soooo much food.

    i hope your trip to cancun will be a great one. hopefully you won’t have any problems flying out. i leave for miami on wed. God willing i will be able to make it out as well. it’s supposed to warm up a bit by then, in the 30s if you could call that warm.

    take care and stay safe and warm.


    • Teresa,
      I am sorry to hear that your son wasn’t able to make it to your home to visit. I wouldn’t want to be driving over any pass today! I would not want to be driving over nay pass today. I hope if your son and girlfriend do try to drive they stay warm and safe.

  2. Beautiful photos! Good luck on getting to Isla in a few days!

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