One week of snow and freezing weather for Portland

It snowed all day yesterday. I had to cancel my haircut and color appointment yesterday morning. That did not make me happy. 36_1_2811

My daughter and her husband went out and about in her Nissan Xterra SUV. I called her to stop and pick me up a good hamburger on the way home since I am NOT leaving my house with this crap out there. 23 degrees with light freezing rain coming down now with about 1/2 inch predicted for today.

Oh get this… the city or county has a gravel truck. My street is the street behind the emergency operations center about a mile away. The gravel truck uses my street to get to and from the gravel yard wherever that is. But do you think that they drop any gravel on my street? Heck no! It doesn’t matter if they did I am not walking on a slick driveway to stand there to scrap all of the snow of my car. So it really doesn’t matter but it is the point of the matter that ticks me off.
Please read Trauma: the Drama’s post from yesterday “Cabin Fever” about her week, Portland and snow. It is hysterical.

I would like to take better photos but I am not walking out in the snow to do so.

Saturday around 1:00PM


Saturday 5:00PM


Today around 7:45AM




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  1. Thanks for the plug. See? It’s those kinds of things – your gravel truck situation – that just INCENSE me. I am clearly losing my mind, but I’m with you, I am SO not going out in this. It’ll be time to start stressing about work in about an hour or so, so I guess I’ll go take a nap. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE. Hang in there!

  2. Can’t do anything else is right. So here I sit in from of my computer again today for hours.

  3. hi jackie,

    thanks for your concern. the kids made it home safely yesterday afternoon. the pass was closed when they left pullman, but when they got to ellensburg, an hour from the pass, they called my husband, he checked on the computer and saw that the pass was open. had it not been, they would have taken an alternate route which was even more treacherous. it was nice having my little family together for an early christmas dinner, minus our younger son who couldn’t make it. my husband and i have been separated for 6 months but have remained on friendly terms. we all enjoyed our dinner together.

    two days till i leave for miami and 4 till you leave for cancun. God willing we will make it to the airport. i don’t think this snow is going to melt for quite some time. i snowshoed to church yesterday. i do like the cold and snow as long as i don’t have to drive in it. since i’m on christmas break, i don’t have to worry about that as i live in the center of town and can walk just about anywhere i need to go to for now.

    take care and have a nice day!


    • Teresa,
      I am glad to hear things worked out and your son and his girlfriend made it safely to your house. I predict when the snow starts to melt that there will be a lot of flooding.

  4. there will definitely be flooding. i remember in 96 after a big christmas storm, i-5 had lots of snow and ice on it and when it melted, the highway flooded.

    enjoy staying warm. when the kids come back this afternoon we’re going to play in the snow.

    are you counting down the hours yet 😉 in 48 i will be on my way to the airport.

  5. […] photos of this tree before. I have one where it frames a full moon looking east. Others during the snow and ice storm around Christmas 2008. In those photos the tree was bare. This is what it looks like when in bloom. […]

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