Another great photo slideshow site

While sitting in my house Saturday watching the snow come down yet again I found this photo slideshow site. Unlike PhotoBucket Remixes or slideshows WordPress allows users to embed’s slideshows into blogger’s posts. What’s cool about this slideshow program is you can add in a video from YouTube instead of just music.

4 Responses

  1. I’m sobbing/dancing-in-my-chair. I haven’t been down south since last February.

    Very nice slideshow!

  2. jackie,

    i caught the sunset too. actually, just saw the yellow reflection on the trees-a rare and beautiful sight!

    taking the suggestion cancun canuck made to you about spending the night at the airport. we’ve done that many a time but usually because of very early flights. this time i’m doing it because of the possibility of freezing rain on wed. which will bring traffic to a halt and God forbid, probably cause quite a few accidents. hoping the weatherman is wrong but not taking chances.

    have a wonderful christmas and a safe trip down.


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