Late breaking news!!!

OMG!!! If you look at this photo over in the top right hand corner there is a little piece of Heaven blue sky. There was even a bit of pink reflecting on the clouds from “dare I say a sunset?” I couldn’t get the pink in the photo because that would have meant taking a few steps into the snow. Hey Trauma: The Drama did you see this over on the west side? Oh dear God! A little later I could see a star!

Sometimes it’s just the little things that make me happy. A bit of blue sky and the fact that after having my power flicker on and off about 2:00PM I did not lose it. I did see a Portland General Electric truck drive by a few times.


12/22/08 4:34PM


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  1. No! Dang it! I missed it! I was probably busy over here, wallowing in a pool of my own filth, hugging my knees and rocking back and forth in a corner, my wild eyes gazing into nothingness. Did I mention I can’t get out of my neighborhood? It’s allegedly supposed to warm up by Wednesday (meaning 32 1/2) and by Friday it should be possitively balmy for your flight! I’m jealous, but excited for your escape.

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