I was bored yesterday sitting around watching the snow fall for yet another day!

I was looking at my blog stats and found it interesting where some of the people who have found my blog are located. I have a ClustrMap as one of my widgets. On that map there are markers from China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Korea, Finland, Norway and Indonesia as well as many from the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Fellow bloggers, where are are your farthest viewers from?

Below are screenshots from yesterday afternoon of the four most current pages of  viewer’s locations from the Sitemeter stats. (I love SnagIt)


OK, remember that I started this out by saying I was bored? And here was why…

I was on vacation Monday and today, Wednesday is a holiday and I can’t leave my house. It continued to snow for a good part of the day leaving another inch or more on the ground



Here are some of the stories local TV station KATU covered yesterday.


2 Responses

  1. Yeah after a while it felt like I had read all that KATU.com had to offer, which is pretty much nothing, if not desperatly depressing.

    I was just thinking – do you know of someone who can cut and color your hair on Isla? I know someone in Cancun if you need a referral. A couple people actually. Let me know and I’ll line you up.

    I got out of the house today and went to work but OH MY HELL the roads were bad, and my ride had chains on her 4WD. Traffic was nuts. Who ARE these people that feel the need to be out there in this mess?

    I hope you are doing well over there, by the time this all starts to thaw you will be lounging on Playa Norte with a cool frosty beverage and swabbing your forehead with your pareo… did I mention I’m jealous?

    • Joyce,
      I am going to with daughter and her husband to hers best friend’s house for an early Christmas Eve dinner. Cindy will cut my hair for me. She has done it before and does a good job. It wouldn’t matter if she didn’t do a really good job since I wear my hair really short and it grows very fast. I can wait for the color until I get back home. My daughter drove to work yesterday and said it was kind of scary. She slid sideways a couple of times while driving in 4 wheel drive. She did say that coming home from work she allowed a couple of car lengths between her and the car in front of her and every time some asshole would speed in to fill that space.

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