A stressful Chistmas Eve but all turned out good

I do not think that I ever had such stressful Christmas Eve in all of my life. Tara and Kelly came over about noon and Kelly shoveled a walk way in my driveway so I could get to their vehicle. We drove about 20 miles to Beavercreek  on  pretty horrendous streets. We saw several trucks and SUVs sideways on the side of the highway or street and one truck in a huge ditch. It took probably three times longer than normal to drive to Cindy and Randy’s house for their early Christmas Eve dinner. It was well worth it though because the prime rib was great not as awesome as last year but really great. The grilled bacon wrapped asparagus was absolutely fabulous.

The temperature got up to about 36 so the precipitation was pretty much rain for an hour or so. The drive home was much better until we got close to home and off of the main roads. Kelly had to put the vehicle back into 4 wheel drive. The low tonight is supposed to be below freezing so there will be a nice sheet of ice on the streets tomorrow.



Yum O!!!!!!!!


Tara’s French boots


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