At last – an Isla Mujeres vacation!!!

After spending the night at a hotel near the PDX airport Christmas night I am hopefully sitting on the beach at Sergio’s Playa Sol on Isla Mujeres soaking up some rays and thawing out from the freezing temps and snow back in Portland.
These are some of my favorite photos from Isla. Enjoy!

Sorry, I know that there are two slide shows with different music on this page. So you need to stop playing one of them.

3 Responses

  1. My favorita Mana song ever. Great slide show, glad you are warm, it is 43 degrees right now and thawing! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful time on Isla!

  3. Glad you are thawing out at Sergio’s.
    I’d say soak up some sun for me, but I got fried today!
    Feliz Ano Nuevo or as they say here in the Bahama’s…… Hoppy New Year Mon!!!

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