Road construction – Mexican style

I responded to Wayne’s comment  yesterday with some of this but felt it was worthy of a post of it’s own.

One day as I was leaving Sergio’s the workers were digging up the road to put in a manhole thing. I had to sit in my golf cart for 20 minutes while they filled the hole enough to drive over it. I let two other golf carts go before me because I didn’t feel comfortable with the solidity of the hole covering (dirt and a flimsy piece of board). The first cart that went over it was practically tilted at a 45 degree angle. The 2nd wasn’t much better. I got nervous and one of the dive boat guys asked me if I wanted help. I got out of the cart and let one of them drive it over. Shit, I said ” I don’t need anymore injuries”.



Then I had to wait for another 10 minutes while some big ass flat bed truck maneuvered at the end of the road. That whole construction area is an accident waiting to happen. One day I almost got ran over by a backing up dump trunk.

2 Responses

  1. The fun isn’t over yet. Yesterday they started work on Hidalgo again.

    • Juan from Bamboo had told us they would start again on the 15th.I read on the Isla message board the they are also digging up the street out front of the new Mango Cafe. What a mess!

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