Life’s a Beach ~ Playa Posada New Year’s Day 2009

I decided to spend New Year’s Day at the Posada Beach. My knee was aching pretty badly and I wanted to be able to easily get in to the water and not have to walk so far on the beach. Denise was going to spend the day at Jax along with some other friends watching college football so I headed to the beach early and found my spot for the day.




The day started out with just me and these lonely beach chairs.




By early afternoon there were tons of Mexican Nationals on the beach. Huge families all enjoying the beach, the water, eating and drinking. I was actually one of the very few gringos on that stretch of beach that day. This is a great beach spot to see all of the boats coming and going from the docks and marinas.


I went across the street to Penguinos for a late late and took these photos from there.





How can she wear all of that? I was roasting in my bathing suit.


Lots of kids playing on the beach and in the water.






A great sunset to end a perfect relaxing beach day.






5 Responses

  1. Great pictures. God I miss the beach. Are you tan? I bet you’re tan. Dang it. I need to book something.

    • Joyce,
      Ah yes, I am very tan. Not very Oregonian looking at all.

      I think, I read 6 or 7 books. The best one is Woman of A Thousdand Secrets set in the Yucatan in 1300s.I updated my Books I Have Read page.

  2. Lokks like it was a beautiful day! How many books did you read while you were there?

  3. OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! I so miss Isla even tho I am on a different island. It just doesn’t have the charm Isla does.

    They painted the car ferry! I remember it being blue.

    I wanna go back!

    • Bert,
      There are actually three car ferries now. The same old blue one, a red one added a couple of years ago and this year there is a black one. More car ferries is indicative of the increased number of vehicles on the island. Years ago you would have never seen a dump truck or a back haul. They are there now.

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