Dinner in a pinch

It always amazes me what I can pull out of my butt kitchen cabinets and freezer to make an easy meal. It has been cold and windy and I was in the mood for some comfort food Sunday night. I had a box of Italian garlic risotto, a couple of thin sliced bone in pork chops in the freezer and zucchini in the fridge. I marinated the chops in a garlic oil dressing, chopped the zucchini, mixed the risotto and threw it all together in a aluminum foil baking pan. No scrubbing pans for me. 40 minutes later I had a fabulous dinner. All it needed was some fresh grated parmesan on the top and it was good to go. Pour a glass of white wine and put a fork in me and I was done. Wow, was it ever good! And the best part was that I had dinner for the next night too.


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