Unbelievable – This does not happen in Portland, OR!!!

Or at least that is what most people thought until last night.

The club where this took place is located just a couple of blocks from my office. Excuse my language but “this is fucking unbelievable!!! This does not happen here in Portland. Portland has had an unprecedented January when it comes to gang related shootings but this kind of shit does not happen here. This just makes me angry and makes me cry for the parents who lost their daughters. I cannot even imagine the hassle that await the parents of the student from Peru. What a horrible phone call that would be to get telling you that your child in a foreign country has been killed. It was bad enough for me to get the call  while I was on Isla Mujeres telling me that Tara had a cardiac arrest and it wasn’t known if she would live. I wish that there was something I could do for those parents but I know there is not.

Story from KATU a local TV station.

“PORTLAND, Ore. – New details have surfaced regarding the two girls killed by a rampaging gunman who shot nine people in total as well as himself in downtown Portland Saturday night.

Police identified one of the deceased as 16-year-old Ashley L. Wilks, a Clackamas High School student.

The other is a 17-year-old girl from Peru who was in the Northwest as part of an international rotary exchange program, according to Scott Bieber, the youth protection officer for the Rotary District 5100 exchange program. Her host family is reportedly from White Salmon, Wash.

Both girls were part of a group of 11 exchange students who were at an under-21 nightclub called The Zone Saturday night when the gunman opened fire. Wilks, the only U.S. citizen, was getting ready to leave on her exchange trip while the others were here from other countries, Bieber said.

The group was reportedly celebrating a birthday. It was not clear if they were waiting outside the club to enter when the gunshots began about 10:30 p.m. outside the club, located near Southwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest Pine Street.

Eight of the nine people shot were on the sidewalk in front of the nightclub; that included six of the 11 in the exchange student group. A stray bullet also hit the manager of the neighboring Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub.

Police on Sunday were still trying to confirm the identity of the 24-year-old gunman, who was in critical condition Sunday at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland.

There was no indication the man knew any of the people shot, said Detective Mary Wheat, spokeswoman for the Portland Police Bureau.

Police Chief Rosie Sizer described the shooting as “unprecedented” in Portland. “It is extraordinary that this many people could be shot in Portland, Oregon,” she said.

One of the shooting victims who survived was in critical condition Sunday; two others were treated and released.

The rest were hospitalized, but expected to survive.

Wheat said it does not appear the gunman had been inside either place before the shooting. Police recovered the gun used in the shooting, she said.”

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  1. We’re having the same gang issues here. It’s awful! One incident happened at a mall last year. Another ongoing problem exists only a few blocks away from our home.

    I’m listening to Three Cups of Tea these days (audio book). Greg Mortenson offers the only sane solution I’ve heard. Educate women.

    Women can make a difference in the lives of young men who know no other life besides violence. Plus empowered women can raise better families. Women’s education is key.

    The Oregonian was the first newspaper to publicize Mortenson’s efforts, I think. He’s nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. Apparently, the Pacific NW was the first area of the U.S. to respond to his good deeds.

    One person CAN make a difference!

    • This was not a gang related shooting. The shooter left a note for his roommate that made it obvious he would not be returning home. The big question is why did the shooter open fire on a bunch of innocent teenagers and not just shoot himself? He died yesterday afternoon so there were no answers to be had.The shooter was known to have been depressed and had a lot of trouble in high school.
      Sad, just so sad. My heart breaks for the parents of the two girls who were killed. I can not imagine sending my child to a foreign country to further her education and then having to bring her home in a box.

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