Not an advertisement but a sign of the times

couponsThis was in my mail Saturday. It was addressed to the name on my credit card that I have used many times at several of the restaurants listed. These restaurants used to be owned by Portland based Pacific Restaurants until last year when they were purchased by Restaurants Unlimited in Seattle. Kincaids and Portland City Grill are both across the street from my office. Kincaids is in the Embassy Suites Hotel on the east side and Portland City Grill is in the US Bank Building on the west side. So, I am very familiar with both restaurants. Stanfords and Newport Bay  have multiple locations in the Portland area and I have eaten at both of them for many years.

I think that this is a clever way to get people to return to their restaurants when they are hurting due to the poor economy. Oregon’s unemployment rate was 9% for December making it the 5th highest state. There are some counties in Oregon that are in double digits.

However; the cards would not cover one meal at most of the restaurants as they are pretty high end. They also can not be used in the bar for happy hour. That is too bad because the Portland City Grill has a killer happy hour menu.

Anyway I will use at least one or two of the cards and give the others away to someone in the office.

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  1. Clever way to get people in the door…Everyone is trying all types of ways to get people to spend their hard earned money!

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