Yippee! I just booked my next trip to Isla!!!

I just booked a two week trip to Isla. Airfare at $356 was pretty decent for a flight from Portland. American Airlines is not my first choice because I really do not like the Dallas airport but the available flights on Continental for about the same price were awful time wise both arriving and departing Cancun. I already booked my room at Maria Leticia when I was there last. I called American to see if I could upgrade using miles but the class of ticket I purchased is not eligible for an upgrade.

I can’t wait to get back to Isla. Even with all of the changes it still is my favorite place to visit. I keep saying that I am going to find somewhere new to visit at least once a year but I keep going back to the place I love.

A friend emailed me today and told me more about the water issues that  the island has been experiencing for the last several days.The issue being that many places had no water including some of the hotels.

“Lots of speculation that all the water problems are due to that new monstrosity across from Jax filling up their giant swimming pool over the past few days. I hear people are moving in there this week already.
You will puke when you see what it has become and how it has fucked up access to Sergio’s, Nautibeach, etc.”

What she refers to as that new monstrosity is Privilege Aluxes. Isla Gringo ranted about this eyesore last month. The funny thing is that their website states “Privilege Aluxes Hotel, Epoque Classic Superior Hotel, Boutique Hotel. I don’t know about you but when I think about a boutique hotel I think of a small, intimate, classy hotel not a monster like Aluxes. I toured La Casa Que Canta in Zihua many years ago and it was lovely. It has 33 rooms and is a very unobtrusive building on a cliff.

I am done complaining now. So back to whoo hoo I am going back to Isla in a couple of months.

This is where I will be


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  1. Aaaaaaaaaagggghhhh… when are you going? I can’t believe I haven’t been back there in a year…

  2. Joyce, mid April. Can’t wait!

  3. Jackie – you might end up liking the Dallas airport. I used to hate Dallas airport too; the A, B, and C concourses are such a pain to navigate because they are so long. Concourse D, which I think your flight will go out of, is new and is designed like a pod, so all the stores and eating places are easily within reach. The train is now inside security, so even if you land at a different concourse, you don’t have to go out and back in.

  4. Sue,
    Gosh, I completely forgot about the new terminal at the Dallas airport. I did fly through there shortly after it opened. I recall there is a pretty good Irish pub and a wine bar.

  5. Ahh, I am so jealous. It’s only been 6 weeks since we were there, but I don’t think a trip before June or July is in the cards.

    And Sue is right about Terminal D at DFW. I just LOVE the layout and it is so much nicer than the other terminals, especially for layovers I imagine (never had a layover there since we live here!)

    I hope you have a great trip!

  6. Ahem, does this mean that we might see you at the 2nd Annual Latin American Bloggers’ Meet & Greet?

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