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  1. I didn’t know Suites Los Arcos sold ashtrays! LOL! Keep trying with the photos. I think the first flower qualifies as macro.. Do I have your email address?

    • I took that ashtray the last time I stayed at Los Arcos shortly after the new owners took over and jacked their rates up from around $60 to $85. It was March and I hadn’t planned far enough ahead to get a room at Maria Leticia. I have your email so I will send you an email. My email address recently changed.
      I do like the shell photo. It was unbelievably hard to get a good one with the glass reflection and light.

  2. Doing great! I love taking macro shots! Try getting even closer on the flowers and just take a petal with a drop of water or the stamaen or pistel (whatever the things in the center are called!) Have fun with it!

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