Saturday in the neighborhood

I have written posts before about my part of town. Milwaukie is a suburb of Portland with a population of about 17,000. There are still pockets of agriculture around. Like this large nursery about 1 mile from my home.




I have no concept really of how big this nursery is because it goes beyond what you can see from the road. That is on both sides of the street. I do know that the nursery employs many Mexicans. Because this nursery’s large Mexican employee base there are several good authentic Mexican restaurants in the area.

I decided to have a late lunch at one of them today. Mi Pueblo is a small restaurant featuring all of your favorite Mexican dishes. There are lots of pork, shrimp, carne asasda, combo plates, burritos, tamales, etc to chose from. Today I had the Chili Verde which is delicious and a huge amount of food. I have leftovers to take to work Monday for lunch. Mi Pueblo does not open until 11:00 AM so I go there occasionally for a late breakfast, my favorite is probably the Enchilads Revueltas (chicken enchildas topped with fried eggs) or the Huevos Rancheros.

Connected to the restaurant is a Mexican tienda. They sell everything from pinatas to pastries (that you pick up with tongs and place on a round metal tray just like in Mexico). To me walking through this tienda is like a visit to Mexico. I wanted to take photos but felt kind of awkward about doing that especially since I wasn’t going to purchase anything today.


This photo was taken looking toward the front windows so there was too much light. The table tops have the same sun/moon design covered with a sheet of glass.




Lotería cards


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  1. We have a lot of Mexicans in my hometown in Canada too – seasonal workers on the fruit farms (and grape vines at the wineries). We have a new store too – foods of Latin America, so immigrants are able to buy some of the foods of their culture. But we don’t have a restaurant that serves Mexican food yet. Great pictures, thanks!

  2. Great post, Jackie. We have several MX restaurants in our area, but no stores yet. I’m sure if I went to one of the larger cities close by I could find one.

    • The whole Portland area has some great authentic Mexican restaurants. There is a very large Mexican population. A true sign of this besides the restaurants are the many food trucks/carts scatered around town selling Mexican specialty foods.

  3. Wow the Enchilads Revueltas sounds great.

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