Birthday cupcakes & balloons

We celebrated my great niece Zoe’s 9th birthday today.

Debi’s house has a ton of windows which makes photo taking a real challenge with the glare and too much light.

After scrapping off all of the frosting the cupcake was marginal at best. The kids liked them though.






The card Aunt Jackie gave Zoe with $25 in it to buy what she really wants.


My sister Dee- Dee brought over a box off candles that her MIL gave her when she cleaned out her storage room  We guessed that these candles may have been from the 60’s or even 50’s. Look at the price $0.29 on sale for $0.27.




Some of us played Scatagories. Three adults and two 9 years olds, one ten year old and a 12 year old. We bend the rules somewhat for the kids but even still if you can not defend your answer you have to cross it off. The 20 year old college student was the winner.


Debi’s backyard where Tara and Kelly got married last August.


5 Responses

  1. I admit it – I LOVE cupcakes, especially chocolate ones. Send some my way, I’ll polish them off!

  2. What a beautiful backyard.

  3. Jackie — This is off topic, but I wanted to commend you for your “going to Acapulco” jibe on Nancy’s blog. This is fair notice that I am going to steal it — fair and square. Hope all is well with you.

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