Shopping for a mini/notebook/netbook/slaptop

I have been doing some on-line comparison shopping today. I decided that I want a mini notebook for when I travel. I read reviews and comparisons for notebooks by PCWorld, Cnet and ZDnet. They all pretty much recommend the same three or four makes and models.

My buying criteria is:

  1. Must have XP OS
  2. 10″ display
  3. Keyboard highly rated as user friendly
  4. Increased memory and hard drive options
  5. Minimum 5 hours battery life
  6. High quality sound

I have narrowed my selection down to:

MSI Wind – $399

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 – $329

Asus EEE 100H – $399

Lenova S10 – $349

HP Mini 1000 – $329

* prices are starting prices

I am kind of tempted to go with the Dell. Both my current and previous full blown laptops are Dells. I have not had any problem with my current Dell that I purchased about 18 months ago. It is a Vostro 1000. My previous laptop was an  Insipiron, never had a problem with it until after about five years it was just running out of capacity. When I purchased the Inspiron it was going to be both my personal and work laptop so I had really upgraded it from the a starter laptop to full professional business use. I also upgraded quite a bit on my Vostro.

I am not really an impulse buyer so I will do a little more research before I make my decision. I have decided that whatever I buy I will buy the same one for Tara but not with the upgrades. Tara has to wait in line to use their one computer because Kelly is a gamer and hogs the computer. Tara just wants a computer to do email, shop on-line and print photos from.

Now if I was a girly girl I would buy this HP notebook.

mini1000vtseries_150High fashion meets high tech. Introducing the world’s first digital clutch by award-winning designer Vivienne Tam. Featuring her peony-inspired design in vivid shades of violet and red from her Spring 2009 collection, this HP Mini coordinates perfectly with stunning Vivienne Tam pieces!

*Price starts at $699 or $370 more than the same non designer HP notebook.

8 Responses

  1. I have seen that HP Vivienne Tam laptop on HSN, I think–don’t think it’s worth the extra$$$ just for the design! I’ve been thinking about getting rid of our 2nd computer & getting a mini–will watch with interest to see what you decide on. I probably would go with a Dell –have had very good luck with all mine at home & at the fairgrounds.

    • Ann,
      My friend Denise just got her new Asus notebook. She did a lot of comparisons but she is not a real computer literate person. I think she made her buying decision more on look and feel where I also bring in computing power, RAM, disk space, etc.
      I will look some more then decide. I will probably buy one next weekend.

  2. I’m with you –make sure you get enough of everything you want in it…….

  3. I have been extremely happy with my Sony Z series. It will be my sole computer when I get to Melaque. Justy a month before I depart on my grand adventure.

    • Steve,
      Is that the new laptop you recently purchased? Is it a full size laptop or a mini? Wow, when I first starting reading your blog last spring it seemed like you had forever before you were scheduled to leave for your grand adventure. Best wishes!

  4. I got the ASUS strictly for travel I love it. It’s the smaller version, but great for checking email etc….and it is SO lightweight, fitting into the side of my carryon with no problem!

    • After a little more research this today I am now leaning toward the Asus. The last site I found reviews is called “Laptop Pimp for Laptop Whores“.
      It’s just that until my friend told me that is what she purchased I had never heard of Asus. She go the N280 version of the Asus Eee 1000H which seems to be more what I am looking for. Not a ton of computing power but enough for photos, music and email and fast.

  5. Thanks for the tip, Keep up the great work.

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