Travel USA

I often get asked why I do not travel anywhere besides Isla Mujeres. I do. Just last year I went to Palm Springs for a week and the two previous summers I visited Maui and Kauai.

I have been to Las Vegas more times than I can remember. I have traveled to several great spots in California like San Diego, La Jolla, Carmel and the surrounding area, Austin, TX, twice to Florida and many other less exciting places for work.

(mouse over the photo to see the caption and use the + or – to speed up or slow down slideshow)

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  1. Great Pictures Jackie! I did the trip up the California coast from LA to SFO a little over a year back and I loved Big Sur and the Hearst Castle. LaJolla was a surprise for me when I saw all the seals on the beach.

    I got to travel the Oregon Coast about 5 years back and it was so beautiful. You take great pictures.

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