Another new way to waste my time

 thanks to Trauma the Drama  posting  Wordles on her blog Sunday. I came up with things I like and things I dislike. I was pleased to see that more things I like came to mind than dislikes. Try making your own Wordles. It’s fun.


Things I like





Things I dislike


The more times you repeat a word the larger it is.


Lyrics to Lucky by Melissa Etheridge





Who’s in my iPod



4 Responses

  1. Looks like a fun thing to try!

  2. I agree this could be a time waster. I just pasted a link to my blog to see the words it came up with. I bet I could waste a lot of time on this playing if I let myself.

  3. Hmmm. you dislike Rain? And mushrooms(60’s)
    Ice of all things..a warm margarita? and Hard????:-))ha

  4. Ann,
    It was fun. If you go into the gallery you can see what others have saved.

    Funny Carl!

    Was intercourse really a big word?

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