The crappy economy hits close to home

It was a tough day at work Thursday. Across my department there were many layoffs. I support 8 sales teams. From those teams 12 sales reps, a sales manager, a sales director and 2 sales engineers were rifed (Reduction in Force).

There was a lot of speculation and rumors all week that Thursday was the day something big was going down. My position lost 4 headcount. 1 volunteered to leave from the other team (I was not given that opportunity this time around), 1 moved to another position and the 2 vacant headcount got pulled.

While in all my years at the company I have seen many reductions in employees through RIFs this is the first time that we have ever laid off sales reps with the exception of a unique situation last year in CA.

A true sign of the times. The economy is affecting more and more people every day. It is just harder to accept when it is people you know who have families to support. Like the single mom with the teenage son and no father in the picture or the man with the stay at home wife with two small children. And on and on. Very sad :<(

I don’t mean to make light of what I wrote but Dilbert just gets it when it comes to corporate America.


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  1. it’s happening everwhere! I’ll be on unpaid ” vacation” this coming week. I work in a retail store & business is terrible! And since they closed another of their stores, we now have too much help–the owner used to work in the store that closed & now he’s in ours.

  2. Jackie – I hate to hear this news. We just had our RIF on March 27. Comany wide there were 500-600 people cut which equates to about 2-2.5% of the workforce.

    The next Monday they let go the President of our division. It was huge news, to think she had to do a cut like this then was cut herself.

    I was very lucky and got to stay. I have to say the company is trying to keep as many people as they can, we have cut spending a ton. No travel unless it’s billed to a client, no team meeting this year, no food at meetings, raises are being held until next year. All trying to keep costs down and keep as many people employed as we can.

    I have to say I felt better when I heard that they got a good severance package. All have full pay until the end of April, 2 weeks of pay per year of service, all the vacation pay for the year. So it gives them something for a while. But in this economy who knows how long a person will be out of work.

    I was shocked to see some of the people who went. Some were very dear friends that were just like you said “single income families”.

    • When I volunteered to take a management separation package last year if I had been selected I would have received any outstanding vacation pay and 1 year salary. 1 month of pay for every year with 1 year salary as the cap. The scary part is like you said who knows how long someone will be without a job. It just sucks!

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