New movie making software I purchased

I purchased Olympus Muvee Theater software on Sunday. I used to have Comcast Photo Circle which is the same as PhotoShow. Comcast discontinued supporting the PhotoCircle so all of my shows I had saved on their site disappeared the first of April.
Tara called me last week and asked me what it meant when she got a message saying Comcast no longer supported PhotoCircle. She is not real computer/internet savvy. Tara was disappointed because she liked to watch the photoshow I made for her last January when she was recovering from  her cardiac arrest episode. Tara needed something to occupy her time but not tax her brain since she was having difficulty with her short term memory and concentrating. So I found about 100 photos of friends, family, vacations, etc. and created the photoshow for her.

I recreated the photo show using the Muvee Theater software and think that it is pretty cool since I can add my own music and burn the movie to a CD. I uploaded the video to Windows Live MSN Soapbox so I can share it. The video file was too big for YouTube. Well after 20 minutes to upload the video I got a copywright violation because of the music I used. I never thought about that. Well, crap!

2 Responses

  1. It’s always those little things we don’t think about. That’s wild it caught your music. Must be a slick software to be able to catch that.

    • No kidding. I think of it as my music since I purchased the CD or bought it from iTunes. But I guess MSN thinks otherwise. I know that if the photoshow was shorter I could upload it to YouTube with no problem.

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