It may look pretty now. But just wait…

I have posted photos of this tree before. I have one where it frames a full moon looking east. Others during the snow and ice storm around Christmas 2008. In those photos the tree was bare. This is what it looks like when in bloom. I took these photos Saturday when some of the blooms were not fully open. It is a beautiful tree for a short time. The blooms last for a couple of weeks if lucky and usually fall pretty fast after a strong rain.Then the flowers lay on the ground ugly and brown.  They stick to the bottom of shoes and are tracked in to my house all over my hardwood floors.  The blooming of this tree also greatly affects my allergies.

But it sure is pretty for a while. It would look better if I would have taken the photo on Friday when the sky was blue.




These were already on the ground today.


For a bit of contrast this is a little tulip tree that grew on its own. I had a large tulip tree in my backyard that I had removed several years ago because it was almost completely dead. This little tree on the side of my yard and another one  in the backyard are volunteers off of the big one.


4 Responses

  1. Very pretty, but annoying–I have allergy problems, too!

    • I can’t wait to get to Isla. I always seem to have less sinus and allergy issues while I am there. Must be all of the time spent outdoors instead of locked up in an old office building with crappy air.

  2. I can’t wait to see Portland in bloom. I get to head up there next week.

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