“Don’t you ever get tired of eating Mexican food?”

This is a question that I get asked often by people who have never been to Mexico. Or they are just naive and can’t imagine any other food options in Mexico besides tacos or burritos. They might just be familiar with USA chain restaurants that serve refried beans topped with melted cheddar cheese and a big glop of sour cream.

Years ago I began to take photos of food when I traveled so that I could show others what they were missing and that there are all kinds of foods and cuisines available in Mexico.

When my daughter got on Facebook she asked me what my obsession was with taking photos of food and posting them on the internet. So I explained to her that I wasn’t obsessed and that there were many people who take photos of their meals and post them on FB or message boards. I suggested she add my friend Alex as a FB friend. Now she sees that there are other people who post all kinds of food photos and it is just not me.

So here is a slide show of food photos from my latest Isla trip. As you can see there are many dishes that are not Mexican. Lamb chops, a big salad with pasta, asparagus, artichokes with huge grilled shrimp, chicken spring rolls and pizza to name a few.

Now I am getting hungry. I think I may go get some pozole and I might just take a photo of it.

To see captions mouse over photo. Speed up slideshow with the + sign.

4 Responses

  1. LOL, that is a great topic! And cool photos too. It’s funny but when people ask me about the food here, I have to say it’s good but I miss the Cal Mex that I grew up eating, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chimichanga on a menu here. I do wonder about the yucatecan obsession with hot dogs.

    • Theresa,
      On Isla there area a couple of hotdog carts. They hotdogs are called Bimbo Dogs. They are wrapped in bacon and then topped with cheese and peppers. There used to be a stand that deep fried them. They were very good but probably best after a long night of drinking. No long late nights for me anymore and no more Bimbo Dogs.

  2. Funny people think that all is available in Mexico is Mexican food. That’s like thinking all we have is American food in the states. People need to get a passport and explore don’t they? The first place I had Indian food was in Japan.

    • Bennie,
      Yes people do need to get out of the USA and see for themselves what is available. I do admit the very first trip I took to Mexico at first I thought it was odd to see a Chinese restaurant in Mazatlan. But I soon knew better.

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