Condos Ixchel on Isla Mujeres – Love them or hate but…

you can not beat the fantastic views. These are photos that I took last month from the rooftop of penthouse 501 where friends were staying.
While I don’t necessarily believe that the condos do anything at all to enhance Playa Norte or fit in with the feel of the island I loved the views. A couple of photos that I didn’t include are ones of the tar paper roofs of a couple of nearby houses that you can see from the penthouse. So you could pay $599,000 to purchase this penthouse and you can see the local style houses with the tar paper roofs and the laundry out front in the little yards. It wouldn’t bother me but then again I wouldn’t be buying a condo at Ixchel. But if I were the type of person (if there is one)  that would spend that kind of money to buy a small condo on Isla it might bother me. I’m just saying…  😈

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