No Rhododendrons are not the Oregon State Flower but…

you might think so as you can see them all over the state. There is the City of Portland’s Crystal Springs  Rhododendron Gardens. A city named Rhododendron which is in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

I have about 15 Rhododendron bushes in my yard on all sides of my house. If you drive up and down my street you will see that almost all of the yards have at least one Rhododendron bush. They come in all colors and are very hearty plants. Depending on where my bushes are located they bloom at various times during the year. I even have a photo of blooms on bushes with snow on the ground. The Rhododendrons add so much color to my yard.  I love looking at them and taking photos of them.

Rhododendron, Oregon State Univ., LANDSCAPE PLANTS – There are over 800 species in the genus Rhododendron, some say 1000!  Azaleas are are included in the genus Rhododendron.   Rhododendrons are native to many parts of the world, both tropical and temperate.  The more hardy types are found in China, Japan, and eastern and western North America.  In the US, the culture of rhododendrons is best in eastern areas and the Pacific Northwest.”

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