Sunday at the Milwaukie’s Farmers Market – May 24, 2009

The Milwaukie’s Farmer Market runs from mid May to the end of October.  It is located downtown Milwaukie in the municipal parking lots. Downtown Milwaukie is about 2 miles from where I live.

First I had breakfast at Sully’s which is  one of my favorite places for a weekend breakfast out.  (Dungeness crab leg, spinach, tomato omelet topped with Hollandaise – yum!)  Coincidentally Tara and Kelly walked into the restaurant as I was just finishing my breakfast. They had stopped by my house to see if I wanted to go to breakfast with them. I had thought about calling them to see if they wanted to go out for breakfast but I left my house before 8:30 which I knew was too early for them to be ready to get out and about for the day.

I asked TnK if they were going to the market since Tara told me a couple of weeks ago that she had never been there. Tnk did go and Tara told me Kelly wouldn’t let her buy the hanging basket she wanted because it was $80. They had some gorgeous flowers which I  got a few photos of.

After breakfast I wandered over to the Farmers Market  where you can find all kinds of great stuff to buy or just look at. The vendors are local and it is a really good way to support the Oregon and SW Washington economy.

It was crazy busy for 9:30 AM. But then it was a sunny holiday weekend. At one of the  produce booths there were 16 people in line to make purchases. I counted them and decided I wasn’t going to wait that long to buy a few potatoes and some zucchini. The line at one of the bakery booths was almost as long. I wanted to get some good organic bagels to to go with the cream cheeses I bought.

What I bought:

Two flavored cream cheeses – salmon and olive from Jacobs Creamery

Dungeness Crab – from Linda Brand Crab

Asparagus from the Canby Asparagus Farm. I have written about their restaurant Casa de Tamales before.

A handmade woven basket for my mother for her 80th birthday next month. I will fill the basket with some of her favorite things. Baskets by Nancy

A previous blog post with more photos of the vendors wares.

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