Isla Mujeres – Car ferry

To me the car ferry says “Isla“.  The sight and sound of it says to me “your back where you belong”. I have so many photos of it that I intentionally tried not to take another photo of it this last trip. Well I never took a video of it before so I said OK do it. My daughter had been to Isla three times before she asked “What is that?” I replied “come one you have to have seen the car ferry before with all the time you spent on the beach at Playa Sol.”
This video was taken on May 4th. You might notice how few people are up on top of the ferry, maybe only 1 0r 2 and how you really can’t see the vehicles on the lower level. This to me was a real visual of how the H1N1 virus was affecting Isla. People were not coming to the island either by the regular ferries or the car ferry. It was slow and from all reports remains extremely slow to this day.

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  1. Makes me want to be on the beach at Isla.

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