More of my mother’s beautiful flowers

Tara and I went to St Helens to visit mom yesterday. Mom is doing remarkable well for someone who was in critical condition last Wednesday. You would never know that she had two surgeries other than the long line of stitches down her neck. She was sitting in a chair out in the yard this morning watering her plants. We actually had to order her to go in to the house and take a nap when Tara and I were leaving. It was HOT and she looked pooped.

 She walked Tara around to show her some of her flowers and her corn. Then I walked around the backyard and took some more photos of her fabulous flowers.


A couple of weeks ago when I took photos of my mother’s flowers I noticed that the majority of  them were pink, lavender or purple. Today I saw that she did have some other variety of colors.

When I asked my sister what I could buy my mother  to put in the handowoven basket that I bougth her at the Farmers Marker for her birthday she said to buy some perranials. I decided she needed some other colors in her yard.

Mom says this peonie bush is 100 years old. Well not quite. But it was in her yard in Milwaukie for many years before she transplanted it to my sister’s yard in Bend some 7 years ago. Then again transplanted it to their yard in St Helens two years ago.


Here are some close ups







Not truly flowers but interesting anyway















A “topsy turvy” upside down tomato plant


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  1. Boy, i didnt realize the weather difference from oregon to ohio. It will be another week or two till the pionies open up here. Did you know black ants are the ones that open a pionies bulb? I just learned that a coupla years ago. GLAD mom’s up and around:-))

    • They just opened up in the last couple of weeks. There were no flowers on that plant just a few weeks ago when I took the other photos of flowers that I posted. I did not know that about the ants.

  2. Good news about your mother. I am loving your flower pictures – I hope you don’t mind but I am using them as wall paper for my cracktop. 🙂

    • Joyce,
      You are welcome to any photos that I post. I have a few of them in a folder on my work laptop and alternated between them today as my wallpaper. I settled with a hibiscus from Isla though rather than my mother’s flowers.

  3. Gorgeous pics Jackie! At our first house after we got married, a rental, there were maybe 5 peony bushes. I have never forgiven myself for not taking at least couple of them with me when we moved (to where we still are). By the time we moved out the house was owned by a real estate company so I could have taken them. Sigh. I LOVE peonies! My sister has about 6 or 7 peony bushes in what she calls her “peace” garden.

  4. Peonies are one of my favorites plants, and the scent is so wonderful. It’s one plant we don’t have here that I would love to have. Great pics.

    • Sue,
      I can’t get to close to any flowers that have strong scents. I easily get headaches from flowers.That ishy I like the photos so much.

  5. I’m glad to hear your mom is doing so well. These are great pictures. My mom has plants that have been passed down from relatives that have been dead longer than I’ve been alive. They keep transplanting, making cuttings, and keep them going. I have a few plants from moms that came from these distant relatives.

    How do you like the topsy turvy tomato planter? Does it really work or do you know yet?

    • My mom hasn’t had the topsy turvy planter long enough to decide. She also has several other tomato plants so it will be interesting to see which ones do better.

  6. You have posted wonderful pictures of flowers that made me bloom here for a very long time. Keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂 Nice blog 🙂

  7. […] My mother loved to work in her garden and had an especially green thumb. We want the yard to be in full bloom for her memorial service so we moved it from Mother’s Day to mom’s birthday. […]

  8. […] having her memorial service Sunday. We wanted to wait until all of her beautiful flowers were in full bloom and hopefully the weather would be nice. The weather forecast for Sunday is calling for sunny and […]

  9. […] will also be spreading some of her ashes in her flower beds as she requested. It will be bittersweet but something we need to do since it has been nine months […]

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