Compare & Contrast – Isla Mujeres

Heading out of town toward the south of the island you turn right at the lottery store front to get to Villa Vera Isla Mujeres Hotel and Marina. The hotel is a Raintree Vacation Club timeshare property. The grounds are lush and nicely landscaped. There is a big inviting pool with a swim up bar.




 At the marina you will see some pretty big boat$.



But this is not an advertisement for Villa Vera. I just wanted to set the picture of the street I am talking about.




The compare and contrast is about two very different houses you will find on this street.

 The first one you encounter is this one. The house and fence looked freshly painted. The yard, what there was of it was clean and everything seemed to be in it’s place. I had never noticed this house before. I think because of the new blue paint and white fence it popped out at me.

Now if someone were to give me this house I am sure I could be perfectly happy here. Anymore I would be afraid to ask what it might sell for if the owner chose to sell it” 


P4230141 (800x600)



The next house you see is just a bit further toward Villa Vera on the other side of the street. While you can not see much of the house you can tell  Casa Neza is worlds apart from the tiny little blue one.

Now if someone were to give me this house I KNOW that  I would be perfectly happy here.”






My thoughts about these two very different houses is that the blue one is someones home. The owner has taken the time to make it look nice and welcoming. While Casa Neza is most likely an investment. It is a fabulous house I would love to actually have a look inside at all of the luxuries.


There are many things on Isla that you can compare and contrast like this. This is just another thing I love about Isla. You never know what you will see the next time you visit. That is why I never go anywhere on the island without my camera.


(I finally figured out or it just became an option that I can now link directly to my Webshots photos. I really like this because now I do not have to re-size photos and upload to my WordPress media library. Now I won’t have to be concerned with running out of storage space and having to purchase more.)

8 Responses

  1. The freshly painted blue house is really a great picture. And what a pool.

    • The pool is a great place to go a couple of times to take a break from the beach. I love the color of the little blue house. It looks so clean and fresh.

  2. the pink one looks more like a prison !! Just add a little razor wire on top.

  3. I pick the little blue one! I recall seeing Casa Neza while we were out and about on a golf cart day in Feb., I thought it looked out of place, sort of like a fortress.

  4. I believe Casa Neza is owned by Mexicans but yes, it is a rental property (don’t often see people there though). The blue house seems to be empty right now, they’ve had families come and go, so I think it’s also a rental property (for locals). We pass both houses every day as we go to the lottery every evening. Looks like the new location fo Seso Locos is going to be right on the corner, right beside the best hamburger stand on the island. Another contrast.

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