Freakish storm rolls through the Willamette Valley

This afternoon a freakish thunder, lightening, wind and rain storm rolled through the Willamette Valley from Eugene to SW Washington. Funnel clouds were spotted in several places along the I5 corridor. In the Portland area over 35,000 homes lost power. Right now at 7:15 PM  it is only 59 degrees after a high yesterday of about 90 degrees. The Rose Festival Waterfront Village was shut down due to the weather.

More about the storm and some great photos on the KATU website.

This storm ended the area’s about two a week stretch of dry, sunny and hot weather.

Welcome to Portland in June! The big question now is what is the weather going to be like on Saturday for the big Rose Festival Parade and the Great Urban Race?  But then again it is not like there it has never rained on the Rose Festival Parade.



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  1. If another freakish storms barrels through and you don’t want to risk going to the GU Race then wait until August 8th when a similar race called High Trek Adventure comes to town.

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