The Great Urban Race – Portland 2009

The stress is starting to build. wink

Today is the day of the Great Urban Race in Portland.My daughter Tara and my niece Erika are teamed up to compete against a few hundred other teams. They will be in costume as the “Wicked Wahines”  wearing an assortment of cheap Hawaiian themed stuff from  Walmart. Erika’s mother and another sister’s daughter are teamed as Elvis  and Priscilla in his “Jailhouse rock”  period. My sister Debi went so far as buying a wig and renting the Elvis costume. Debi is a HUGE Elvis fan.

My niece picked up my MotoQ smartphone  this afternoon so they can access the internet to find results of the clues. I am going to be glued to my computer tomorrow to be their “phone a friend” person to help solve clues.

I think that this is going to be a fun event even though I am only sitting in my home office surfing  the web to find the answers to the clues.


Update:They only had to call me once to help with a clue. My nephew helped with a couple of others. Their teams finished in about three hours. The judge checking their stuff said that they were the first ones he checked who did not skip anything. Boy did their feet hurt from walking 5 – 6 miles. But they had a blast and can’t wait to do it again next year. There is another similar race scheduled in Portland August 8th – High Trek Adventure that I told them to check out.

Erika and Tara as the “Wicked Wahines”




Allie and Debi as “Elvis and Priscilla”





Clue #6 – Fish face with the larger to life Chinook Salmon at SouthPark 


Clue #2 – Wear a plunger, saw, or golf-club headpiece at Spoonman Creations


3 Responses

  1. Sounds like it will be a fun event!

  2. WTG! Hope to see you when we roll into town!


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