Another stinking cute kitty

I am not an animal person. I really do not like cats but look how cute this kitten is.

My niece’s step daughter Rachael and her boyfriend adopted this kitten when it was only about 3 weeks old. A woman found a litter abandoned  in a barn. This kitten had to be fed cat formula every couple of hours with a little baby bottle.


The kitten had to be wrapped in a towel to keep warm and diapered.


All of the kids at the birthday party anxiously waited for their turn to hold the kitten.


Here’s a post from about a year ago of another cute litle kitty.

2 Responses

  1. That’s how I got my cat. She had been abandoned and I just happened to be home and able to feed her and care for her. I never thought she would make it but she turned 3 on June 2. I had to feed her first with an eye dropper, then we progressed to a bottle, then a dish. I don’t think she has ever had mothers milk. She survived and now we are so attached there’s no way I’d give her up.

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