Breakfast at Bob’s Red Mill

I had my haircut this morning and decided afterward to go down the road a bit to Bob’s Red Mill for breakfast. They have expanded their menu and now have quite a good variety of breakfast dishes. When they first started serving breakfast it was pretty much pancakes and baked items. They serve lunch too. Lunch is mostly sandwiches but there a several that sound good.

“To celebrate our 25th anniversary and our enduring dedication to being the nation’s leading miller of healthy whole grain foods, we unveiled our beautiful new Whole Grain Store and Visitors Center. The 15,000 square-foot facility is a stunning addition to Portland’s many attractions, featuring an 18-foot high operational water wheel, displays of historic milling equipment, and a working stone mill using French buhr millstones from the 1800’s.”

Bobs Red Mill, Milwaukie, OR

Bob's Red Mill, Milwaukie, OR

Little cup of grits, turkey bacon, eggs, cottage potatoes and really fresh made rye toast

Little cup of grits, turkey bacon, eggs, cottage potatoes and really fresh made rye toast

6 Responses

  1. Bob’s Big Red mill looks great. I’d like to visit it.
    Thanks for the great pics.

  2. What a great looking place…I’ve bought some of their products here, but never seen what the array that’s in their store…wouldn’t know what to look at 1st!

    • Ann, It is not a really big store. There are only about 3 aisles like the one in the photos. I bought some really good rolled oats and a bag of granola but nothing else yesterday. Against the wall in the back is a refrigerated section. Lots of good food in there too.

  3. Great Pictures. Geez I wish I could find this much intresting stuff near my house. I guess that would require me getting dressed and getting out of the house wouldn’t it?

  4. […] There are more photos that I took back in June on another post about Breakfast at Bob’s Red Mill. […]

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