Maybe when I win the lottery…

I just missed the Morrison Bridge lift this morning for “The World” . It is a floating apartment /condo cruise ship. It is docked downtown on the Willamette River . The World is a big ship, not something we see often in Portland. We have Navy and Coast Guard ships come in for Fleet Week and all kinds of large cargo ships but they are small compared to this one. It has been here before a couple of years ago but I don’t think I knew then exactly what it was.

Curious as to how much the apartments sell for? You have to email them for information. I guess if I have to ask I must not be able to afford the 6 bedroom penthouse or for that matter a luxury studio. LOL!

Rentals range from $1,200 for a luxury studio to $4,750 for a luxury residences for two people per night depending on the season and travel dates. Those rates include dining, select beverages, port charges and gratuities.

Probably not a vacation I am going to be booking in the near future.

4 Responses

  1. whaT in the world could possibly be in the place that would make it worth $4700 a nite?? can you flush the toilet paper? maybe they have someone there to wipe for you at that rate? :-))

    • Carl,
      I can’t imagine but I would like to see it first hand. Of course as a guest of someone who has the big bucks to afford it.

  2. What an Itenerary they have. If only one were born rich enough to have something like that. Oh well guess I’ll never know what that’s like.

    • The other day a man in the office spent way too much time reading all about The World. Its itinerary and rental terms etc. He said that it has tennis courts and that there are putting greens, chipping areas and a driving range/ It was massive!

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