Thank goodness I did not shop at Trader Joe’s on an empty stomach…

Or I might have spent $200 instead of merely $110 on a lot of items I could have gone without. But hey it’s only money, right? wink


The good thing  is everything I bought fit in two grocery bags so I did not have to make multiple trips to and from the car. 4_1_3v[1]


 TJ’s does have some very good frozen meals that are great for days when at 5:00 AM I do not want to think about putting together lunch t0 take to work. Good to for those days that I get home from work 12 hours  after I left in the morning and am too tired to do more than throw something in the microwave.

TJ’s carries what is nicknamed as 2 Buck Chuck’s” brand of wine that sells for $1.99 – $3.49 a bottle. The Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc are in what I call the category of “cheap enough to cook with but Ok to drink”.

I read Cancun Canuck’s Blog early Saturday where she wrote about Mexican junk food. I think that is why I bought the pepitas and the lime and chili mixed nuts.


P6130001 (800x582) (800x582)


I liked that the brie is round and will actually fit nicely on cracker along with a slice of salami.


P6130002 (800x578)


I rarely buy candy but this looked delish!


Copy of P6130002 (800x719)


I did buy some real food but I didn’t think you would care to see photos of raw chicken breast, turkey, steaks and pasta.

2 Responses

  1. Love their dark chocolate! You should try the chicken verde burritos–a great lunch or dinner–cook ahead and re-heat! Got some eideas for new things to try…if they sell them here on the east coast–can’t buy the wine at most stores around here.

    • I do buy the chicken verde burritos. They are really good for something pre-made and frozen.I just add little sour cream to them and they are good to go for dinner or for lunch.
      I saw in a TJ’s newsletter that they also have a chicken chili verde that looks pretty darn good.

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