New WordPress Widget – SocialVibe

SocialVibe says “WE BELEIVE that empowering people to leverage their influence online can create positive impact for themselves, their brands, and their communities.   Our site allows you to Get Sponsored by your favorite brands on your social profiles while earning points for the reward of your choice.  We believe that making a real difference is possible without making a real difference to your bank account.  So we’ve built just the tool to allow you to earn the donation instead of giving one.  The tool is called The Badge and we know it has the power to make real world change, for you or for others.”

“Get Sponsors, Give Back!”


I am willing to give it a try. I added the SocialVibe Badge widget over at the bottom of the right column. I don’t necessarily like that it says that my blog is sponsored by but if it helps to fight breast cancer then I am all for it.

6-20-2009 6-00-06 PM 


One Response

  1. It looks like your socialvibe badge is working out. I see that you’re impact is over 2700. Way to go.
    I’m helping with clean water.


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