My new toy – Flip Video

Last Saturday I bought the Flip Ultra video camera. I heard about the camera a few days before and immediately checked it out online. What sold me on this camera is the ease of use, the small size and the high qualityof the videos. It has a built in USB to connect directly into a computer. The first time that you connect this camera to a computer it loads the software. The software has editing features and you can take a freeze frame and make it into a still photo. You can upload to YouTube or email directly from the video.


 I did not spend the extra $50 for the HD model though. Mostly I will be viewing the videos that I take on my computer so I didn’t see the need for HD. Occasionally I may hook it up to a TV for larger viewing.


I will be taking some videos today at my mother’s 80th birthday party so I can have a chance to play around with the camera and editing features prior to going to Kauai. I am going to go back to Best Buys today to purchase the underwater housing for the camera so we can use it when we snorkel on Kauai.  To see some underwater videos taken with the same camera check out Captn Tony’s on YouTube.


3 Responses

  1. We bought one for our granddaughter for a combo 13th birthday, Xmas present. She loves it! Our son who has the new baby also has one and it is quite slick to send people video.

    YOu will have a blast with it, I’m sure.

  2. Can’t wait to see some of your video–Tony’s is amazing–so clear!

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