Happy 80th birthday Mom!

My sister and mother hosted my mom’s 80th birthday party yesterday in St Helens. This was the first time in I don’t know how many years that all of my mother’s children (all 6 of us) where together. One of my sisters lives outside of Boise and rarely travels to Oregon. Over the years there has usually been one or another sibling who someone won’t talk to. For several years that was my brother for me and a couple of my sisters.

It was really kind of nice for us all to be together. 6 of my mom’s 7 grandchildren where there and most of her great grandchildren except for the three that belong to the one grandchild who was not present. That granddaughter Angie is currently living in South Carolina and could not afford to travel to Oregon for the party. One of Angie’s son’s is living with my sister in Idaho and he was there. We all did talk to Angie on the phone though.

We took the requisite family photos of my mom and her “kids”, my mom and her kids and grandkids, my mom and just her grand kids and great grandkids, then the final photos of all of us including my mom’s 83 year old sister.



4 Responses

  1. I can relate to the large family situation where there is always someone not speaking to someone else. It’s the same in mine (10 kids) – I currently haven’t spoken to my oldest brother since 2004. We will all be together except for one brother next weekend, so it should be interesting to say the least. Fun, but interesting. Your mom looks great!

  2. Wow to have all the family together is a treat. I hope you all had a great time – and keep talking to each other. That’s something I never had to worry about I don’t have siblings so if I stopped talking it would be to myself.

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