A simple act of kindness

I forgot this weekend is the annual Milwaukie Daze festival. I headed to downtown Milwaukie for a late breakfast and as soon as I saw the policeman directing traffic at a blocked intersection I knew that the parade was going on. It’s your typical small town, suburban parade with high school kids, Cub Scouts, floats being pulled by pickup trucks, etc.

“Who doesn’t love a parade? The Milwaukie Daze Parade has been a tradition for more that 40 years!”

I had to turn around and head back toward home. On my drive back at a corner on the sidewalk I saw a sawhorse with two jugs of water and a dog bowl sitting on a plank of wood. I thought that was kind of odd until I realized that in a little while the parade would be passing by here. I realized that some kind soul put the water there for the dogs that would be walking in the parade. I thought that was very kind to think of the pets that would be hot, tired and ready for a drink of water to cool them off. Then  across the street under a shady tree sat a card table with jugs of water and sleeves of plastic cups for the humans walking in the parade.

It is a hot humid day and I am sure both the dogs and the people will be thankful  for the simple act of kindness of these Milwaukie residents .

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  1. What a nice idea!

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