What’s with this crazy weather?

Since early last week it has been in the 90s everyday. I suspect that July overall will go down as a record setting month for temps in the high 90s and consecutive days over 100 degrees. When we left to go to Kauai on the 3rd we joked that we were going to Hawaii where it was in the high 80s to cool down. On the 3rd the temperature was forecasted at 96 degrees which was about where the temps were the previous 4 or 5 days.

By this weekend the forecast is calling for a cooling trend. That is if you can call high 80s to low 90 s cooling. I mean after all this is Oregon not Texas for Pete’s sake. Plus I am tired of all of the conversations about how HOT it is. If it were raining everyone would be bitching about the rain.

Driving home from work today I had my AC cranked down to the max at 60 degrees but with the hot sun shining in my west facing passenger window in to my  car with black leather interior I got a bit toasty sitting at the stop lights.

7-28-2009 6-38-35 PM

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  1. Well temps like that should melt the snow on Mt Hood a bit huh? I hope it cools down for my trip up there later in August.

  2. Crazy mixed weather! Here in MI we we are having the COOLEST July on record! MI is usually hot and humid in the summer, not this year. I don’t mind the not having 90’s temps but above 80 would be nice! My feet are cold right now…..I hate that.

  3. It is hotter than the hounds of hell over here in Beburg, let me tell you. I am running sweat as I type this. I am reminded of July and August in Cancun when I lived there, I never ran the a/c unless I was getting ready to go out, but I also didn’t have a job, and if I wanted to nap the afternoon heat away, I could. Insanity.

    • Geesh, just think that 7 months ago we were bitching about the snow. At least you can put on more clothes and blankets, etc. when it is cold. But it is difficult to go to work in the nude. Thank god!

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