What the heck are these interesting bushes?

I drive by these bushes twice a day going to and from work and several times on the weekend. Finally Sunday I had my camera in the car and stopped to take some photos.

I did not get out of my car to take close ups because there were people out in the yard next door.

A friend and I thought that the next cool internet search function should be a way to insert a photo into a search field with the results of the search telling you what the photo is of. That could work for something like flowers and plants. Couldn’t it?

6 Responses

  1. You need to find out what these are called. I saw one about the size of a small tree down south of Portland a long time back and still wonder what it’s called. I call it the cotton candy tree. I know that’s not the name but that’s what it reminds me of.

    These are so unique.

    Hey did you really hit 107 yesterday. I heard that was the projected temps.

    • I sent a photo to the Oregon State U extension office and my sister who used to be the IT person at a large local nursery. They should be able to identify the name.

    • Oh, yes it did hit 108 at my house but the official high for the day was recorded as 106 degrees. The official weather station is at the airport which sits right on the Columbia River so temps there always seem to be a few degrees cooler.

  2. It’s called “Smoke Tree”. Interesting bush, isn’t it?

  3. Well 106 or 108 is too hot for me. Now I’ll have to go look up the Smoke Tree on the internet.

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