Happy one year anniversary Tara & Kelly

One year ago today Tara and Kelly got married. It was a great wedding with family and close friends.

I said that I would keep my Mother of the bride corsage for one year and then throw it out. So I did that this morning. Every time for the last year when I opened the fridge I saw the corsage and it reminded me of how happy I was to see Tara and Kelly get married.


Here’s the corsage on TnK’s wedding day.




Here’s what it looked like one year later.


P8010010 (581x800)


The traditional one year anniversary gift is paper so I thought that a photo collage was an appropriate gift for TnK.


P8010002 (800x600)

6 Responses

  1. What a great 1 year anniversary present. And it meets the paper anniversary gift too.

    • Bennie,
      Exactly my thought. I was going to have a deck of cards made using their “girls” Whippet’s photos but the few good pics I had of the two of them got too cropped for the back of a card. So I came up with the collage.

  2. Phew…how time flies huh? wow

  3. What a cool gift!! You did great!! and no doubt they loved it.

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