Seashells by the seashore

For someone who is not a “collector” I have a lot of seashells. I came across a bag of shells yesterday from my trip to Sanibel Island last June.They were still in the grocery bag that I packed them in. I have a collection of shells at my office which I have separated in piles by where they came from. So there is a pile of shells from the Atlantic, the Gulf, the Pacific.

Sanibel is supposed to be this fabulous place for shelling but I only found pretty ordinary ho hum shells. Top row – Sanibel. The bottom row are shells from Siesta Key, FL from a few years ago.


I have shells in a jar and surrounding a candle in a dish.




I think that I have so many shells because I love how they are all so different and unique depending on the water current and age of the shell.

3 Responses

  1. I have the same piles around my house! The shell I collected this year on Isla are still in bags–I put each days finds in a ziplock baggie. I have found a few craft projects to do–now just need the time &inclination to do them!

  2. I made a bunch of bookmarks a couple of years ago using colors of Isla water crochet yarn and tied shells with holes on the end. I gave them to a bunch of my Isla GFs. For some of them it was an inside joke. Many years ago one of my favorite wraps kept shredding strings so I tied and knotted them together to use as a bookmark. Two of my GFs thought that it was pretty stupid but soon enough they too did the same thing. String or yarn bookmarks fit nicely in the crease of the page and don’t easily blow away. Unfortunately one of the friends I sent a bookmark to thought that it was an ankle bracelet. I told her she could wear it as one if she wanted to but that was not my intent.

  3. You have a nice collection going! I make a yearly trip to Sanibel and can only say that the shelling there has it’s ups and downs. On my last visit the shelling wasn’t quite what I was used to. However, I enjoyed every minute of the trip!

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