Shop local, eat local

Shop local, eat local is my motto whenever I can. Today I had to go to the mall to pickup my glasses at the opticians. I decided Thai food sounded good for lunch. On 2nd thought not only did Thai food sound good I decided to ditch eating at the new Thai chain restaurant at the mall and head to downtown Milwaukie where Mekong Thai is located. I have been wanting to try this place but on the weekend it is only open from 12:00 – 3:00 PM and I have  always managed to miss lunch there. They are open for dinner but I never think about going there for some reason.

BTW Mekong Thai occupies the building where there was a Whiz Burger (home of the 19¢burger) when I was in high school. Yeah, OK that was more than a few years ago.

I pulled into the parking lot and mine was the only car there. I went in and the owner who was a very friendly woman began immediately talking to me and making lunch recommendations. I took her suggestion and ordered the Summer Roll appetizer and Chicken Pad Thai.

When I go out to eat by myself I bring a book along to read. The owner kept interrupting my reading but she also kept apologizing. She told me to tell my friends about their restaurant because they needed more business. I replied that not only would I tell my friends about the restaurant but I would post photos on FaceBook and publish on my blog about the restaurant. It was very good and I will certainly go back again. The servings were very large so I have a leftover Summer Roll for later and Pad Thai for lunch tomorrow or to take to work on Monday.

Once again today I felt that by patronizing a locally owned business I helped the local economy and on top of it got better service than I would have at the mall chain restaurant.


Summer Rolls - fresh greens and large shrimp

Summer Rolls - fresh greens and large shrimp


Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai


P8150010 (1024x459)



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